profile pic 2015 medGrowing up the kitchen is where we encouraged creativity, engaged new ideas, and enjoyed the conversation  and oh ya we ate good cooking.  With that in mind I created Tim’s Cocina.  A place where we and encourage each other to be creative, thoughtfully engage new ideas and enjoy the conversation along the way.

I named my blog Tim’s Cocina after my Youtube channel where I was originally going to try my hand at humorous cooking videos (that didn’t go too well).  Because I liked cooking and trying new recipes I called it a Cocina because I’m married to a mexican lady and Cocina is spanish for Kitchen,  so it was kinda a play on words.

So that being said I hope to post more this year, encourage your creativity, engage a few ideas and enjoy myself while doing so.  We’ll see how this goes.  So pour yourself some tea, sit back and enjoy what you read.