Keep on swimming

The girl pictured in the above photo is my niece, Samantha.  Pictured with my beautiful wife.  Samantha is nine:

On Saturday she just swam a mile

in the ocean

after running a mile.

What did you do on Saturday?  Most kids her age (and probably most adults) were not thinking of running a mile let alone swimming one, but she did.  I am very proud of her.  I think that is a feat for someone her age.  I think it’s a feat for someone my age.  But it just goes to show what you can do when you set your mind to it, have someone encouraging you, and practice everyday to get better.  Oh and by the way she also jumped off the pier.

I came in on the tail end of this experience, she has been participating in Newport’s Jr. Life Guard program all summer (4 weeks so far).  So she has been swimming everyday, practicing when she is at home, eating right, and building up to this experience.  I’m sure when she started this summer she probably couldn’t have done what she did Saturday.  But she set a goal and daily worked to achieve it.

What is it in your life that seems insurmountable?  What is that one thing that you wish you could do but were afraid to start?  Now is the time today is the day.  Set a goal to accomplish it before the end of the year.  Then daily set a smaller goal to work towards that bigger goal.  Before you know it you will have achieved that goal and setting new ones for the new year and the process continues.

So back to my original question what did you do this Saturday?  Better yet what are you going to do next Saturday?  Let it be the start of something new it’s never too late.