The Call to Arms

A couple years ago something came to me and I wrote it down.  I believe it has implications that directly apply to something I believe the Lord is currently speaking to me about.  But I will follow up with that in another post.  For now I am posting it here as my first post because it will probably provide the impetus for many to follow.

The Call To Arms
I saw a sword being brought out and placed on a table and being unwrapped as if it was being taken out of storage. It was carefully unwrapped and looked at reservedly, admirably but with a heavy heart. Slowly it was lifted from the table as the warrior was carefully inspecting it for strength, feeling it’s blade and wiping it clean from dust or any residue from previous battles. The old warrior was being called back into battle, was he ready? He would have to practice.  Years had gone by since he last put his sword to use. But now the time warranted his return. It was darker now, more dangerous, more at stake. Reluctantly he wields his prize position (almost like an old friend when you haven’t spoken in a while or you know you’ve neglected your relationship).
Would he know how to use it? Is he still effective? Many thoughts raced through his mind all at once. It would be hard to get back in shape and take all that he has, but necessary as the foe has grown stronger and is prevailing throughout the land. But the call has gone out a call to arms to ready for battle, the young need help, need the experience of the aged. Someone to lead to say come with me I’ll fight with you. But would they follow? Would they hear? So much is at stake; many are lost many are being held prisoner, prisoners of a war they don’t even know exists, nor did they declare allegiance, just caught in the cross fire as the enemy advances. Many are wounded and need the touch of the sage warrior, many need to know he still exists and is ready to fight. Many have lost heart and retreated and are in hiding, they need his inspiration, they need to know he will stay and fight.
The battle looms, will he be ready? Will his old sword be enough? It has always proven true in the past, effective for every battle as both a defensive as well as a offensive weapon. But the enemy has added much to his arsenal since we last crossed weapons, faster weapons, bigger  weapons,more fearful, more effective, nasty weapons, weapons that leave nothing to the imagination, stealth weapons that destroy you before you even know their malicious intent. Too much has gone on since last we battled together. The times have taken their toll. Some of the enemy’s agents have made their way dangerously close to taking my soul, destroying my hope I myself have lost heart, how can I be expected to complete this task. Why me? Why now?
Not that it is inconvenient, convenience has never been an issue, its just age wise I’m tired. I don’t have the drive of my youth or the confidence. Sometimes it seems I have forgotten much of what I learned, the lack of use having dulled my knowledge and my resolve. I’m not as sharp or as quick as I used to be. Although more developed I question whether I am as strong as before. The battle will be long and not easily won. The enemy is not one to give up easily especially ground he so easily claimed, that’s his style, capturing the easy prey while he distracts those who are assigned to protect them. But the king would not have it that way, once a soldier always a soldier, HE summons us at His will not our own. The swords are his to begin with, we will come and go but his sword endures forever. Designed to be used by each generation for the battle at hand during that age. When I am gone my sword and position in His army will be passed to another, to serve and protect in their age as I have done in mine. My role is not my own, nor is it mine to deny.
It is simply mine in which to stand and when I have done all to stand…Stand

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