Planting Seeds

Over the weekend I planted some seeds and cleaned the porch but now I wait.  I wait for the seeds to sprout, I planted some grape, pomegranate and cherry seeds, as well as two different bulb type plants I found as well.  Why did I do this?  I guess because I like planting seeds to see if I can grow something from scratch.  I like the hope it produces as I plant and wait to see if I will experience any growth.  In a few weeks I’ll plant my summer seeds as well; peppers, onions, corns, lettuce and radishes all in hope of growing (and eating) some of our own veggies this summer.

Well as I was resting on the porch from my planting, something came to mind about ministry and it has to do with planting seeds as well.  I was challenging myself to “plant” seeds of ministry then this morning I expanded that thought to include seeds of revival.  So consider if Galations 6 says that we will reap what we sow the question what are we sowing (or planting).  We can only reap what we plant and spend time watering.  So the question is as I’m starting a new ministry what kind of “seeds” am I planting that will produce fruit in the years to come.  Also I can only reap if I plant, if I don’t plant anything I won’t reap anything or worse yet I’ll probably reap weeds.  I’m notorious for not planting anything, I mean… I want to… I think about it, but never actually put seeds in the dirt or if I do it tends to be later in the year than it should be like my pumpkins that were ready for Thanksgiving not Halloween.

So planting in this case can mean two things 1) actually planting seeds and 2) planting the right seeds.  If I start off right I will plant the right seeds at the right time and know what I’m planting and do so purposefully.  I won’t be planting pumpkins in September if I want them by the end of October.  Like wise I don’t want to plant them too soon either or plant my summer veggies before the last frost of spring it could be tricky.  But on the other hand I can not plant anything at all or not prepare the soil properly and thus miss out on a great harvest come summer time.

So what kind of seeds are you planting?  As I already planted some tree seeds for this year I have both situations before me.  I have some long term seeds planted and I am waiting to plant my seasonal seeds soon.  Similarly I have already planted some ministry seeds but need to plant some more and I have some that I am yet to plant.  What I plant and how I plant is going to be important and have a direct effect in years to come.  So I know what I need to do, what about you? What do you need to plant and how do you need to plant them.  Is there fallow ground that needs broken up or weeds that need pulled?  Only you can answer those questions but answer them you must or you may find yourself harvesting pumpkins under the Christmas tree.