What’s blocking your view?

As I sit here on the couch I have a view of the kitchen clock on the stove.  This is where I sit most mornings to do my devotions. Sometimes I can’t see the clock clearly because there is stuff on the counter between the living room and the kitchen that blocks my view.  Today was one of those mornings.   I like to be able to look up from my reading to just see the time so I know how much longer I have before I have to get ready for work.
Today I didn’t have to get ready for work and church was still a while off, so there wasn’t any pressing reason why I needed to see the clock, but I couldn’t see it none the less.  It wasn’t like I couldn’t see at all I just had to lean to one side or the other in order to see it clearly.
So I got up and made my coffee and came back and sat down, and looked up at the clock to see what time it was but had to lean to see it.  This bugged me because it had been there before and I had forgotten to move the stuff when I was up making my coffee.  So now what do I do I was feeling comfortable just drinking my coffee and settling in to start a new book, but I was bugged that I it was inconvenient to see the clock.  So after a few moments of frustration and wondering if I should just get up and move it I finally decided to do so.  So I got up and moved the bag that was sitting on the counter blocking my view.  Triumphant I sat back down and got ready to read when I looked up to see the clock I realized that it was still blocked – perfectly blocked… by the sugar dispenser that I had set on the counter while making my coffee.  Now this dispenser was the perfect size just wide enough to block the width of the time and just tall enough that I had to rise up to see over it.
After a moment of additional frustration I realized the futility of my ire and how ironic it was as well.  Then I realized the un-proportional emphasis I put on time while doing my “devotional time” in the morning and had to repent, and laugh and cry.
So then its like God spoke to me and said what is really blocking your view?  What is blocking my view of the cross?  It could be something simple like a clock or something bigger like a sin.  If I’m not careful I can let even the smallest of things block my view of the cross and his fullness that comes from knowing Him.   In this case I was allowing my concern for the time to cloud my view of Jesus or time spent with him.
So what is it that is blocking our view and how do we deal with it.  In my case I need to get up and move the sugar dispenser (which I haven’t yet, its there as a reminder as I write this)  but I will.  But in my case the clock it the actual distraction not the sugar.  The clock is keeping me from spending the quality time I need to as it “regulates” my time with Jesus not help it.  It doesn’t allow for deeper involvement or familiarity which is one of my goals this year.  So here are three steps to removing what’s blocking you:
and remember:
Psalm 4:4 Be angry, and do not sin. Meditate within your heart on your bed, and be still. Selah